Accepted Papers

The following papers are accepted for the doctoral consortium:

  • Process-Aware Attack-Graphs for Risk Quantification and Mitigation in Industrial Infrastructures
    Gal Engelberg
  • The MERLIN Method to create Modeling Assistants for Model-Driven Development Tools
    David Mosquera
  • Towards better data selection for Self-Service Business Intelligence outputs: a local authorities case study
    Mathieu Lega
  • A new definition of unambiguous user stories : A proposed framework to identify and avoid ambiguity in user stories
    Anis R. Amna
  • Complex Behaviours Detection and Analysis in Process Mining
    Yang Lu
  • A Reference Framework for Agile Transformation in Public Administration
    Hanna Looks, Eva-Maria Schön and María José Escalona
  • Probabilistic and non-deterministic event data in process mining: embedding uncertainty in process analysis techniques
    Marco Pegoraro
  • Sensemaking in Multi-artefact Information Tasks
    Tianwa Chen
  • The Management of Artificial Intelligence: Developing a Framework Based on the Artificial Intelligence Maturity Principle
    Philipp Fukas
  • Strategy execution through Enterprise Architecture: Capability-based management as a foundation for successful (digital) transformations
    Jonas Van Riel