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34th International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering

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Welcome to CAiSE 2022

The 34th Edition of the CAiSE conference series will be organised by the Faculty of Economics and Business (KU Leuven) and the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (Ghent University), and will be hosted in Leuven.

The conference will continue its tradition as the premiere venue for innovative and rigorous research across the whole spectrum of Information Systems Engineering with a special emphasis on the theme of Information Systems in the post-COVID era: reconciling the best of both worlds. During the pandemic we all experienced positive and negative aspects of increased digitalisation in many different areas of our life. In the post-COVID era we should reflect on balancing between “going back to normal” and reaping the benefits of what we have learned from our digital experiences. An important challenge is finding the correct balance between online and face-to-face, and finding ways to optimize, scale and ensure a qualitative experience of digitalized services. 

Call for Papers

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Main Conference

Abstract submission:

22 November 2021

Paper submission:

29 November 2021 (strict!)

Notification of acceptance:                  

1 March 2022

Camera-ready papers:

28 March 2022


Other submission deadlines

Workshop proposals:                            

18 October 2021               

Tutorial proposals:

13 January 2022

PhD Award proposals:

23 March 2022 31 March 2022

(extended deadline)

Forum papers:

11 March 2022

Doctoral Consortium proposals:

8 March 2022 15 March 2022
(extended deadline)

Dates are Anywhere on Earth (AoE).