Accepted Papers

The following papers are accepted for the forum:

  • Designing a Self-Service Analytics System for Transportation Supplier Selection
    Nicolas Breitling, Sven Michalczyk and Alexander Mädche
  • Temporal Performance Analysis of Block-Structured Process Models in Cortado
    Daniel Schuster, Lukas Schade, Sebastiaan van Zelst and Wil van der Aalst
  • Mining Fork-Including Software Development Traces
    Iris Reinhartz-Berger and Amir Tomer
  • Web of Tactile Things: Towards an Open and Standardized Platform for Tactile Things via the W3C Web of Things
    Van Cu Pham, Quan Khanh Luu, Tuan Tai Nguyen, Yasuo Tan and Van Anh Ho
  • Generating Purpose-Driven Explanations: The Case of Process Predictive Model Inspection
    Bemali Wickramanayake, Chun Ouyang, Catarina Moreira and Yue Xu
  • An Ontological Characterization of a Conceptual Model of the Human Genome
    Alberto García, Giancarlo Guizzardi, Oscar Pastor, Veda Storey and Anna Bernasconi
  • The ArchIBALD data integration platform: Bridging fragmented processes in the building industry
    Nico Lässig, Melanie Herschel, Alexander Reichle, Carsten Ellwein and Alexander Verl
  • Synthesizing Configuration Tactics for Exercising Hidden Options in Serverless Systems
    Jörn Kuhlenkamp, Sebastian Werner, Chin Hong Tran and Stefan Tai
  • Data Shopping — How an Enterprise Data Marketplace Supports Data Democratization in Companies
    Rebecca Eichler, Christoph Gröger, Eva Hoos, Holger Schwarz and Bernhard Mitschang
  • Generating Synthetic Sensor Event Logs for Process Mining
    Yorck Zisgen, Dominik Janssen and Agnes Koschmider
  • An Architecture for Food Product Recommendation Focusing on Nutrients and Price
    Rian Das Dores Alves, José Maria David, Regina Braga, Kennya Siqueira, Guilherme Barbosa, João Pedro S. J. Costa, Victor Ströele and Eduardo Barrére
  • Trusting the Big Brother inside my pocket: user-oriented requirements for contact tracing
    Claudia Negri-Ribalta, Nicolas Herbaut and Camille Salinesi
  • OntoTrace: a Tool for Supporting Trace Generation in Software Development by using Ontology-based Automatic Reasoning
    David Mosquera, Marcela Ruiz, Oscar Pastor, Jürgen Spielberger and Lucas Fievet
  • A Meta Survey of Quality Evaluation Criteria in Explanation Methods
    Helena Löfström, Karl Hammar and Ulf Johansson
  • Advancing Data Architectures with Data Mesh Implementations
    Inês Araújo Machado, Carlos Costa and Maribel Yasmina Santos