Accepted Papers

The following papers are accepted for the main conference:

  • Towards Greener Applications: Enabling Sustainable-aware Cloud Native Applications Design
    Monica Vitali
  • Causal Reasoning over Decisions in Process Models
    Sander J.J. Leemans and Niek Tax
  • Decision Mining with Time Series Data Based on Automatic Feature Generation
    Beate Scheibel and Stefanie Rinderle-Ma
  • Inferring A Multi-Perspective Likelihood Graph from Black-Box Next Event Predictors
    Yannik Gerlach, Alexander Seeliger, Timo Nolle and Max Mühlhäuser
  • Multi-perspective Process Analysis: Mining the Association between Control Flow and Data Objects
    Dina Bayomie, Kate Revoredo and Jan Mendling
  • Bootstrapping Generalization of Process Models Discovered From Event Data
    Artem Polyvyanyy, Alistair Moffat and Luciano García-Bañuelos
  • Querying temporal property graphs
    Landy Andriamampianina, Franck Ravat, Jiefu Song and Nathalie Vallès-Parlangeau
  • Systematic Literature Review Search Query Refinement Pipeline: Incremental Enrichment and Adaptation
    Maisie Badami, Boualem Benatallah and Marcos Baez
  • How Big Service and Internet of Services Drive Business Innovation and Transformation
    Haomai Shi, Hanchuan Xu, Xiaofei Xu and Zhongjie Wang
  • The Aircraft and its Manufacturing System: From Early Requirements to Global Design
    Anouck Chan, Anthony Fernandes Pires, Thomas Polacsek and Stephanie Roussel
  • Situation Awareness for Autonomous Vehicles Using Blockchain-based Service Cooperation
    Huong Nguyen, Tri Nguyen, Teemu Leppänen, Juha Partala and Susanna Pirttikangas
  • A Supervised Learning Community Detection Method Based on Attachment Graph Model
    Yawei Zhao, Huafeng Yan and Xueying Zhao
  • Enhancing Semantics-Driven Recommender Systems with Visual Features
    Mounir M. Bendouch, Flavius Frasincar and Tarmo Robal
  • Context Knowledge-aware Recognition of Composite Intents in Task-oriented Human-Bot Conversations
    Sara Bouguelia, Hayet Brabra, Boualem Benatallah, Marcos Báez, Shayan Zamanirad and Hamamache Kheddouci
  • Crop Harvest Forecast via Agronomy-informed Process Modelling and Predictive Monitoring
    Jing Yang, Chun Ouyang, Guvenc Dik, Paul Corry and Arthur ter Hofstede
  • Estimating Activity Start Timestamps in the presence of Waiting Times via Process Simulation
    Claudia Fracca, Massimiliano de Leoni, Fabio Asnicar and Alessandro Turco
  • Assisting Mentors in Selecting Newcomers’ Next Task in Software Product Lines: A Recommender System Approach
    Raul Medeiros and Oscar Diaz
  • Analyzing Enterprise Architecture Models by Means of the Meta Attack Language
    Adina Aldea and Simon Hacks
  • Mining valuable collaborations from event data using the Recency-Frequency-Monetary principle
    Leen Jooken, Mieke Jans and Benoît Depaire
  • Crowdsourcing syntactically diverse paraphrases with diversity-aware prompts and workflows
     Jorge Ramírez, Auday Berro, Marcos Báez, Boualem Benatallah and Fabio Casati
  •  Soundness of data-aware processes with arithmetic conditions
    Paolo Felli, Marco Montali and Sarah Winkler
  • A Subject-aware Attention Hierarchical Tagger for Joint Entity and Relation Extraction
    Yawei Zhao and Xiang Li
  • Towards Interoperable Metamodeling Platforms: The Case of Bridging ADOxx and EMF
    Dominik Bork, Konstantinos Anagnostou and Manuel Wimmer
  • Time-Cost Tradeoffs for Composed Services
    Franziska Hollauf, Marco Franceschetti and Johann Eder
  • Learning Accurate Business Process SimulationModels from Event Logs via Automated ProcessDiscovery and Deep Learning
    Manuel Alejandro Camargo Chávez, Marlon Dumas and Oscar González-Rojas
  • Guiding Knowledge Workers under Dynamic Contexts
    Zeynep Ozturk Yurt, Rik Eshuis, Anna Wilbik and Irene Vanderfeesten
  • Updating prediction models for predictive process monitoring
    Alfonso Márquez Chamorro, Isabel Nepomuceno, Manuel Resinas and Antonio Ruiz-Cortés
  • Towards Explainable Artificial Intelligence in Financial Fraud Detection: Using Shapley Additive Explanations to Explore Feature Importance
    Philipp Fukas, Jonas Rebstadt, Lukas Menzel and Oliver Thomas
  • A model-driven approach for systematic reproducibility and replicability of data science projects
    Francisco Javier Melchor González, Roberto Rodriguez-Echeverria, Jose Maria Conejero, Juan Diego Gutiérrez Gallardo and Alvaro E. Prieto
  • Narration as a Technique to Improve Process Model Comprehension: Tell Me What I Cannot See
    Banu Aysolmaz, Farida Nur Cayhani and Hajo A. Reijers 

  • Multi-Model Monitoring Framework for Hybrid Process Specifications
    Anti Alman, Fabrizio Maria Maggi, Marco Montali, Fabio Patrizi and Andrey Rivkin 
  • The Anatomy of Conceptual Models
    Heinrich C. Mayr and Bernhard Thalheim 
  • Engineering Information Systems in Smart Manufacturing
    Francesco Leotta, Massimo Mecella and Flavia Monti
  • Mining and Simulation for Process-Aware Information
    Fernando Brito e Abreu